A complete redesign that brings the brand under the umbrella of the parent company Tierra Verde, and differentiate it from its sister brands. Include simple and clear instructions for use. Represent the brand’s sustainable values.

Problem to be solved

This brand was being confused as the parent company. The labelling must clearly differentiate its SKU’s by category. Simplify the complicated instructions.

Our solution

We incorporated Tierra Verde’s logo into the cardboard background to relate Yellow & Blue to their nature-friendly, waste-reducing values. Differentiated the three SKU's uses with cap color scheme: Green for laundry products; Yellow for kitchen products; and Blue for house and bath cleaners. We designed an infographic to further identify the uses and clarify the use instructions and placed it on the top of the label below the logo.

Client relationship

To indicate our partnership and shared purpose and responsibility, Tierra Verde agreed to place our B&H logo and web URL are included on the label.